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Marijuana Policy and Opioid Policy 4-13

In this video

0:00-Medical Research into the effects of Marijuana and need to reschedule it so we can study its effects
3:12-Criminal Justice Reform rescheduling marijuana will lower penalties in the criminal justice system
5:00-Legalizing Marijuana will allow us to regulate and tax it.
6:26-Protecting small businesses from big tobacco
7:00 Opioid Epidemic

Gun Violence 3-13

In this video

1:00-Gun Violence
3:28-Advancing the conversation around gun injury prevention
6:41-A Public Health approach to gun Injury prevention
8:00-Reversing the Dickey Amendment and fully fund the National Violent Death Reporting System(NVDRS)

Environmental Policy 2-13

In this Video

2:10-Matt’s Ideas on environmental policy
8:30– Taking  advantage of the built environment

Education Policy 2-6

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0:30-Investing in early childhood education
1:30-Public Education
2:40-Vocational Education
3:52-Community Colleges
5:00-College Education
5:20-Student Loan Debt

Matt’s response to the State of the Union 1-31

In this Video

0:00-Teleprompter Trump not Twitter Trump
2:07-Matt’s thoughts on the State of the Union

Women’s Health Issues and Gender Equality 1-23

In This Video

0:00-Campaign Update
1:49– Increasing Access to preventive services
2:42-Decreasing the role of employers in health care decisions
3:08-Increasing protections for victims of domestic violence
4:03-Economic security Issues
5:47-Early childhood education
7:08-Fighting the rollback of Title IX by Trump administration
8:05-Fairness in the workplace

Campaign Finance Reform 1-17

In This Video

2:30-Campaign Finance Overview
3:25-Matt’s Views on Campaign Finance Reform
5:00-Examples of legislation that helps reverse the effects of Citizens United
6:00-Matt’s ideas to fix campaign finance reform

Matt Longjohn 1st Facebook Live 12-20-2018

In This Video

1:30-Matt’s background and why he’s running
6:02-Matt on the Republican tax bill

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