Standing up to Trump

We need a representative in Congress from the 6th district who will stand up to Donald Trump’s unhinged agenda. Fred Upton has voted in line with the Trump agenda more than 98% of the time, and stood by as the chaos created by President Trump’s administration has hurt Southwest Michigan families. People want to be able to live their healthiest lives and to know that they can make ends meet while planning for their kids’ future or their retirements. Mr. Upton has been playing politics with people’s health, and their quality of life is being put at risk as he increasingly puts the interests of his corporate lobbyist friends and donors above those of his constituents.

When Matt gets to Congress, Matt will be a leader in standing up to the incoherent policies of President Trump. If a policy that the Trump administration does not help improve the quality of life of his Southwest Michigan neighbors, Matt will not vote for it. When President Trump says something that is off the wall or offensive, and he will, then Matt will use his position to speak up for those affected by what the Trump administration is doing. Matt has spent 20 years building coalitions built on trust and shared values, which has led to a career of producing measurable outcomes and helping the most people possible have a higher quality of life. Nothing predicts the future better than the past, and Matt’s background speaks to how Matt will govern when he gets to Congress.