Matt’s Values

Dr. Longjohn is running for Congress to improve the health and quality of life for everyone in Southwest Michigan and across the United States. A high quality of life depends on having access to affordable health care, a safe and healthy environment, educational opportunities, and the resources needed to make ends meet. Matt’s policy priorities and decisions will always be based on the greatest potential to improve the lives of those he aims to serve. He won’t let special interests or Washington politics get in the way of delivering results for hard-working families.

Matt understands that a commitment to collaboration, inclusiveness, high ethical standards, and civility when working through difficult issues are all keys to leadership. He also knows first-hand that young people and their families sometimes struggle and may need a hand to get on their feet. His track-record as an innovator and problem solver proves he has the skills needed to effectively practice this kind of effective leadership on local, regional and national levels.

His family has been in Southwest Michigan for 150+ years, and his values reflect the shared community values of this district: prioritizing family and community; treating all people fairly; living up to the promise of a handshake; dedication to producing greater opportunities for our children and future generations; and a belief that hard work and charitable living benefits everyone.