Equality and Equity

For nearly two decades, Matt has been working to break down systemic and institutional inequalities affecting many groups of people. Matt’s experience in developing inclusive and equitable policies and programs has taught him not to assume everyone will be affected equally by policy changes. Policymakers need to be able to identify and eliminate harmful unintended consequences of policies that keep vulnerable groups of people from pursuing life, liberty, and happiness to the same degree as others. This means we need to over-serve the underserved and most-vulnerable among us by both designing and evaluating policy with improving equity as one of the most important desired outcomes to any policy change.

In addition to being proactive in breaking down systemic racism, sexism, classism, and other forms of discrimination, Matt will never support any bill that grants anyone the “Right to Hate” and will speak out against attempts to marginalize any group of people in our country. For example, in recent years we have seen states pass legislation that would allow for discrimination of the LGBTQ community. Whether it was blocking people from marrying whomever they love, or not allowing for transgender individuals to use the bathroom of their identified gender, or letting businesses not serve individuals based on their sexual orientation; these policies were discriminatory. Matt will never support any such policy proposal at the federal level, and as a member of Congress Matt will speak out about them even if they are state laws.