Longjohn Wins 6th District Democratic Primary

A Kalamazoo-area physician hopes to do something in November that no other Democrat has: unseat long-time Congressman Fred Upton. Matt Longjohn easily defeated three other Democrats in Tuesday’s primary in Michigan’s Sixth Congressional District. Longjohn addressed cheering supporters at a victory party as a torrential rainstorm started in downtown Kalamazoo. Health care was one of the issues […]

Matt Longjohn wins crowded Democratic ticket; will take on Fred Upton for 6th District U.S. House seat

KALAMAZOO — Standing on a makeshift stage inside Bell’s Brewery in downtown Kalamazoo, Matt Longjohn excitedly addressed his crowd of supporters as his victory in the Tuesday, Aug.7, primary was showcased on a large projector screen. The 46-year-old Democrat referred to his party nomination as the beginning of the “Blue Wave” movement in Michigan, as […]

Newly elected candidate takes shot at Rep. Fred Upton’s corporate campaign contributions

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — The race is heating up for southwest Michigan’s seat in Congress. Newly elected Democrat candidate, Matt Longjohn is up against incumbent, Representative Fred Upton. The two will campaign for Michigan’s 6th Congressional District, ahead of the General Election in November. Longjohn took at the long-time Congressman’s corporate campaign contributions during an interview Wednesday. […]

Michigan doctors are taking their medical experience to the campaign trail

Up until last year, running for a major political office had never really crossed emergency room doctor Rob Davidson’s mind. “I never was like, ‘Hey, I want to run for Congress some day,’” Davidson said. “I was happily a doctor, a dad and a school board member, and that was going to be my biography.” […]