Matt Longjohn is the best hope to defeat Fred Upton



Portage- Physician, national public health leader, and Democratic candidate for Congress, Dr. Matt Longjohn has announced that two-time candidate and the liberal lion of the 6th district endorses Matt Longjohn’s campaign for Congress.  


“Matt Longjohn is now the candidate for Michigan’s 6th district who best promotes the values and vision that inspired our campaign. Matt will work to build a strong and inclusive economy, to make health care a right for all Americans, and for a government that embodies our best values at home and abroad. Matt has already contributed to improving the health of millions of Americans through a career dedicated to strengthening our public health institutions. I enthusiastically endorse Matt Longjohn as the strongest candidate to represent the interests of the 6th district and to promote government that works for all the people”, said Clements


Matt Longjohn added,  “I am honored to have the endorsement of Paul Clements, who has been the flag bearer for our party for the last four years and a national progressive champion.  I would not have run for this seat if it wasn’t for Paul’s early encouragement in 2017. Paul has become a friend over the course of this campaign, and his belief in my candidacy means a great deal.  I know I have to earn many other people’s support in order to win the August primary and then to defeat Fred Upton in November, but with Paul’s help as a Senior Advisor to this campaign, we will benefit greatly from his support. When we beat Congressman Upton in the fall, the 6th district will finally have someone in Washington working for patient-centered health care and an inclusive and renewable economy, taking dark money out of politics, and standing up to President Trump.”


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