Dr. Longjohn makes a statement on Graham/Cassidy health care bill

 Portage, MI –  Dr. Matt Longjohn, a public health leader and candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 6th district, today released a statement on the Graham/Cassidy health care bill. 

 “The Graham-Cassidy version of Trumpcare would hurt too many Southwest Michigan families.  It’s yet another attempt by Washington politicians to sabotage the individual markets, allow insurers to waive coverage for pre-existing conditions, and to water-down the Essential Health Benefits that guarantee coverage for important things like women’s health and preventive services. Like the bill that Congressman Fred Upton advanced earlier this year, this week’s bill would force many to pay more for less care, cut Medicaid funding, and leave expectant mothers without maternity coverage.  Having access to quality, affordable health care should be a human right.  This means everyone should be confident in their ability to receive needed care or preventive services.  People in Southwest Michigan, or anywhere in the U.S., shouldn’t be forced to choose between obtaining essential health care and other vital daily needs.  Unfortunately, if this bill becomes law, more families will often have to choose between seeing a doctor and paying for their rent. The Senate would not even be in a position to push this terrible policy through in such a rush if it weren’t for similar actions by Congressman Fred Upton earlier this year.  He is an accomplice to this act of political malpractice.”, said Longjohn.

About Matt Longjohn:

Dr. Matt Longjohn is running for Congress to improve the health and quality of life for everyone in Southwest Michigan. As a doctor and former National Health Officer for YMCA, Matt is uniquely qualified to deliver solutions that will improve access to affordable, quality health care. He will be a powerful voice against the plans by Washington politicians and special interests to force middle class families to pay more for less care, cause millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions to lose coverage and gut long-term care for seniors. Matt’s commitment to public service is grounded in his deep ties to Southwest Michigan and growing up in a tight-knit middle-class community. His family’s roots in Southwest Michigan go back to the Civil War, and he is a proud graduate of Portage Northern and Kalamazoo College.

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