Dr. Longjohn makes a statement on Upton being named to the tax committee responsible for merging the House & Senate tax bills

Portage, MI –  Dr. Matt Longjohn, a public health leader and candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 6th district, today released a statement on Congressman Fred Upton being named to the tax conference committee.

“Congressman Upton played a crucial role in delivering the final votes necessary to pass the Republican health care plan. Now he is going to play a crucial role in putting the final touches on a tax-scam that will protect his corporate and special interest donors. The people of Southwest Michigan need leaders in Congress who will fight tirelessly for the middle class and small businesses, not exclusively billionaires and wealthy corporations.”

About Matt Longjohn:

 Dr. Matt Longjohn is running for Congress to improve the health and quality of life for everyone in Southwest Michigan.

As a doctor and former National Health Officer for YMCA, Matt is uniquely qualified to deliver solutions that will improve access to affordable, quality health care. He will be a powerful voice against the plans by Washington politicians and special interests to force middle-class families to pay more for less care, cause millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions to lose coverage and gut long-term care for seniors.

Matt’s commitment to public service is grounded in his deep ties to Southwest Michigan and growing up in a tight-knit middle-class community. His family’s roots in Southwest Michigan go back to the Civil War, and he is a proud graduate of Portage Northern and Kalamazoo College.

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