Matt Longjohn comments on Fred Upton not holding a town hall.


Portage, MI – Today, Dr. Matt Longjohn, a national public health leader and a candidate for Congress, made a statement on Fred Upton’s record of not having a town hall for 8 years.


“This is a frustrating anniversary for many in Southwest Michigan.  Since this day in February of 2010, Congressman Upton has refused to hold any town hall meetings where he couldn’t control the questions.   He apparently feels he no longer needs to be held accountable to his constituents, or that it’s too hard to publicly defend his voting record.  It’s no coincidence that over the past 8 years Congressman Upton’s record in Washington has become defined by putting corporate special interests over those of working families. For example, he led the charge to push the Republican health care plan forward into the Senate last year, which would have kicked 38,600 Southwest Michiganders off their health care plans while raising the premiums for many others. He also recently played a central role in passing the Republican tax scam which added $1.5 trillion to the deficit and gave temporary small tax cuts to families while providing massive and permanent tax cuts to corporations. Unlike Mr. Upton, I won’t turn my back on voters here in Michigan.  I will continue to make myself available in public meetings, office hours, open online forums, town halls, or any other way constituents want me to be held accountable”, said Longjohn.  

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