Matt Longjohn comments on Republican Tax Scam 

Portage, MI – Today, Dr. Matt Longjohn, a public health leader and the former National Health Officer for the YMCA, commented on the tax bill that was passed today by the House Representatives and voted Yes on by Fred Upton.

“Fred Upton once again chose to sell out his constituents by voting for the Tax Bill. This Bill will increase the deficit by $1.5 Trillion, and gives permanent massive tax cuts to corporations while only giving temporary and small relief to the majority of working families.  Our children will be responsible for paying off all this new debt to pay for this corporate give-away while having to work harder to keep up with the rising costs of health care. The Tax Bill was written behind closed doors, with only corporate lobbyist input, and it’s no wonder the big winners are the corporate lobbyists and their clients.  Among other things, Mr. Upton’s vote will result in 27,700 people in this district not having health care coverage. His lack of leadership in protecting people’s health is also evident in his inaction in getting the Children’s Health Insurance Program reauthorized.  Letting these things happen while bending to the wishes of his donors shows once again that Fred’s values don’t reflect those of many families in this district, and he’s focused on the wrong things.  When I get to Washington I will never vote for any bill that does as much harm to middle-class southwest Michiganders as this one does”, said Longjohn. 

About Matt:

Matt has spent his entire career creating and running large community health programs that have improved the lives of millions of children, families, and seniors. Most recently, Matt served as the National Health Officer for the YMCA, one of the nation’s oldest and largest charities. He was the first physician leader in the Y’s 170-year history, and ran community health programs to improve health, reduce costs and create jobs. One of these programs reduced new cases of diabetes by up to 71%, and will save Medicare $1.9 billion over 10 years by employing thousands of community health workers to help their neighbors live their healthier lives. He and his team supported local community work in Augusta, Benton Harbor, St. Joseph, Kalamazoo, and 250 other cities across the nation, positively impacting 73 million people.

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