Longjohn Joins Michiganders to Deliver Petition with nearly 900 Signatures to Upton’s Congressional Office Today


Portage, MI — Today, Dr. Matt Longjohn, a public health leader and candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 6th District, joined Michiganders to deliver a petition with nearly 900 signatures to Congressman Upton’s Kalamazoo office, urging him to vote against the Republican tax scheme. Longjohn called for much-needed middle class tax reform, while calling on Upton to oppose the current Republican bill, which gives tax breaks to the ultra-wealthy and corporations at the expense of Michigan’s middle-class families.

“Small businesses and families in Southwest Michigan need tax reform – but not this tax scheme,” said Longjohn. “This plan benefits the wealthy one percent and the richest corporations on the backs of middle-class families who will see less money in their pockets after losing important deductions. Worse yet, we’ll all be paying an additional $1.7 trillion in deficit because of this policy.  Congressman Upton will be ignoring the best interests of his constituents if he votes for this Republican tax scheme, apparently so he can protect his wealthy donors and corporations.”

Under Fred Upton’s tax plan, middle class families in Michigan’s Sixth District would be taxed on $244,000,000 in medical expenses, increasing the cost of care.  The bill cuts the deduction for state and local taxes which a quarter of taxpayers in the Sixth use, double taxing the middle class.  And the bill eliminates the deductions for student loan interest which benefits 28,000 taxpayers in the Sixth, saving an average of $1,100.

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