A physician from Portage, Michigan is the latest person to announce he is running for Representative Fred Upton’s seat in congress.

Dr. Matt Longjohn began his campaign Tuesday.

He’s been in medicine for 20 years and most recently was the first physician to be the national health officer for the YMCA.

Longjohn says the current debate about health care in America and Upton’s key role in the recently passed House Bill inspired him to try out politics.

“I feel like the work that I’ve done on a national stage, the things that I’ve been able to produce and prove at a national level that create jobs, save lives, and improve health care are things that I need to bring home, lessons that I need to bring home and apply to my home district,” said Longjohn.

Longjohn joins at least four other democratic candidates looking to win Michigan’s 6th-District seat.

Congressman Upton has held the seat for the last 30 years.

The other candidates running for the seat released statements to ABC57 regarding Longjohn’s announcement.

Liz Garey, Campaign Director for Congressman Fred Upton, statement:

“Fred was overwhelmingly reelected with nearly 60 percent of the vote just eight months ago. Right now he’s laser focused on common-sense, bipartisan policies to create Michigan jobs and serving the best interests of folks here at home. While it’s no surprise another ultra-liberal candidate has announced, Fred’s top priority is to continue working tirelessly to make Michigan an even better place to live and work.”

Dave Benac statement:

“We have known for awhile about Matt’s intention to run, and we welcome him into the race. I believe a contested primary is important to getting the right candidate with the right ideas into the general election. This does not change our campaign as we will continue to travel the district to listen to voters, have conversations about the issues, and take part in community events. It is vitally important that in 2018 we put forward the candidate who is able to get people to the polls and restore our faith in our elected officials.”

Eponine Garrod statement:

“I am very excited to have Dr. Longjohn enter the race, bringing us up to 5 filed Democratic candidates. My team and I know that we are still bringing something different and much needed to this race which the other candidates cannot – that is a woman’s voice and a millenial’s voice – two extremely underrepresented demographics in our government. The reason I say I’m very excited is because finally the people of Michigan’s 6th District are getting a choice, and as an American who believes the choice and voice of the people is the core foundation of our democracy, I couldn’t have hoped for better. We really have every shade of Democrat coming forward and I’m honored to have Matt join our growing list.”

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